WIRED takes the high road… (and I’m hoping their blogs crawl out of the mud pit)

Last week WIRED’s blogs ran some posts claiming I stole images from them and removed their logo from the images. In the process they neglected to:

  • a) call r email me to check these facts before accusing me of being a thief
  • b) realize that I found the image on Creative Commons where the logo was not on the image
  • c) ironically realize they stole an image from Fast Company to accompany their libelous, factually incorrect post about me “stealing” their image.

So, over this past weekend I spoke with some folks at WIRED and they were classy about the fact that the post was, in fact, libelous, factually incorrect, inane, unfair, and highly ironic with regard to the fact that they themselves “stole” an image from a competitors.

As a rule folks know I like to debate things. However, as a rule I always like to be involved in fair debates based on facts. If I make a mistake I always own up to it, and I consider making mistakes and fixing them quickly to be amongst the biggest strengths of leadership.

WIRED posted an apology of the situation based on their own view of the events and I accepted their apology. For th record, when apologizing it really isn’t good form to tell the other person they are wrong for your mistake to tell them the have to apologize and how they should do that. An apology is up to, and for the benefit of, the person who made the mistake. However, let’s not digress. 🙂

The point is we all make mistakes and the right thing to do when you make a mistake is just say “I’m sorry,” learn from it, and simply move on.

For me the bigger issue is that WIRED’s blogs seem immature and inane when compared to the stealer product produced in print. When speaking to my friends at WIRED I tried to make this point to them. I’ve been a long-time supporter and fan of WIRED. I’ve been available to their team on many different occasions for background, support, and introductions. I’m absolutely thrilled and flattered that they have chosen to profile me twice in the magazine–certainly more than I deserve.

However, while as a big fan I’m with being used in any way they see fit, I’m not thrilled with being abused for the sake of a sensational headlines. WIRED’s blogs have been doing this for a while now, and I’m thick skinned but it’s getting old coming from WIRED.

These two headlines are just so false its pathetic. In the first one I’m not a coward for not doing a phone interview, I’m wanting to get something right. In the second one I’m apologizing for emailing everyone in my addresses book–not for Mahalo being a spammer. However, WIRED blogs seem obsessed with slamming folks with misinformation and it’s just not what you expect from a brand like WIRED.

WIRED to me stands for intelligent, forward looking discourse. I’ve encouraged the team at WIRED blogs to set their benchmark higher than being a second-rate knock off of Valleywag–as low of an aspiration as you can have in publishing to be sure!
WIRED blogs should do less posts, but do more posts of substance. Let’s discuss interesting subjects, not pile on people making simple mistakes.

All that being said, I’m a bombastic guy so I’m not going to sit here and cry if someone takes it to me… I’m also not going to roll over when they take it to me with wrong facts.

… anyway, it’s Sunday and I could sit here and write ten more paragraphs or I can have dim sum with my wife and friends. I’m voting dim sum. 🙂

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