WIRED admit they stole images from Fast Company..

WIRED has agreed that they are stealing Fast Company images on their blog while saying continuing to publish slanderous headline “Calacanis Rips off WIRED cover.”

Fast Company’s photographer should certainly get at least $5,000 from WIRED for this…. I hope they complain about WIRED stealing their artwork from their CURRENT image for commercial purposes. Certainly not fair use is it?

The true headline should be “WIRED steals Fast Company image and uses in blog post about Calacanis forgetting to credit an OBVIOUS WIRED cover he found on Flickr”



For the record i think this is where i picked up the image…. i did NOT take the WIRED logo off it. as a blogger i often just grab photos off of flickr/creative commons. This image was listed as CC…. sorry. Note: folks at WIRED the magazine said they don’t care and are in fact THANKFUL that i used the image so i’m going to leave it up.


to the editor of WIRED.com blogs: grow up. do something of substance with your blogs and stop degrading the WIRED brand which stands for intelligent forward looking editorial. WIRED is a loved brand with HIGH editorial standards… get out of the gutter and act like WIRED please. this is from a fan.

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