Michael Rutzen killed by shark — look for this headline on CNN soon.

After watching “Sharkman” on Discovery channel today I’m absolutely certain that my blog post headline will come true. This person is an absolute fool who is trying to get himself killed by swinging with all kinds of dangerous sharks including great whites and tigers (two of the most dangerous you’ll ever encounter).

Not only does this maniac need to dive with the sharks he tries to put them into a catatonic state by rubbing their heads. At one point a great white opens its mouth open six inches away from his head.

I can’t belief that Discovery puts this suicidal behavior on the air. When one of these folks gets chomped in half they are going to have a lot of explaining to do….. or not. Maybe the whole point of these dangerous shark escalation
specials is to see how long it will take before we have a five camera shoot of a diver being eaten alive.

The media really is out of control.

2 thoughts on “Michael Rutzen killed by shark — look for this headline on CNN soon.

  1. why?how?did he really get killed by a great white shark?he was my role model now i will never get to meet him.he was the one that made me change my mind about sharks i wanted to be like him to swim with the shark.but i will still make my wish about swimming with sharks.when i grow up i am still going to swim with sharks no matter what anybody thinks.

  2. well sharks are interesting but if the sharks is dangerous who cares people do think that sharks are just a killing machine but they aren’t they are not so what if they are dangerous i dont care and still i want to swim with one shark and the shark i want
    to swim with the most dangerous sharks on earth i want to swim with the great white and the tiger shark because i like sharks they are very cool.

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