179: Thank you ThinkThin Protien Bars and GNU Fiber bars.

Today I was 179 pounds for the second time. Last year I was at 207 and at the start of the year I was 197. To the haters who busted my chops for the past years calling me a fatty I say “frack you!”

To my fellow FatBloggers.com (TM) I say: Let’s keep going!

My two secret weapons over the past year have been protein and fiber bars. I’m always on the run and when I am I tend to make big mistakes in my diet (think pizza, fried foods, burgers, donuts, etc). After tasting dozens of different bars I came to love two brands:

1. ThinkThin Protein Bars. My favorite flavor are the two peanut butter ones, but I also eat the chocolate ones with coffee (very nice 4PM snack). These things have 240 calories and 20G of protein (40% of your daily requirement). Protein from what I’ve read makes you feel full and takes a long time to break down.

2. GNU Fiber bars. My favorite flavor is the cinnamon raisin bar. It has 12G of fiber for only 140 calories. That’s like 48% of your fiber for the day. Fiber like protein is one of those things that makes you feel full from what I’ve experienced.

Seriously, I eat one of these bars and I’m not be hungry for 2-5 hours. They really help me. I keep them everywhere and I buy five boxes at a time.
I can honestly say that these two bars along with buying my treadmill were the most important things I’ve done to lose weight. That and Fatblogging (TM). 😉

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