TechCrunch20 conference is now the TechCrunch40 conference
{20+40 by kentigern via CC}

We looked at over 600 companies for the TechCrunch20 conference over the past two months, and after some long deliberation Mike, Heather and I decided that we had no choice but to use every minute at the event to show AS MANY startup companies as possible and increase the number of companies presenting.

As such, I’m thrilled that we’ve renamed the conference the TechCrunch40 in honor of the 40–yes 40–startup companies that will be presenting at the event. It’s going to be a jam-packed two days and we’ve already got like over 600 people registered for the event. In addition to the 40 companies on stage 50+ companies a day will be demoing their companies in the “demo pit” we’ve setup. If you come to the event you’ll see around ~140 companies between the two venues (demo pit and main stage).

Oh yeah, the winner of the TechCrunch40 is getting a $50,000 prize (compare that to other demo-style conference which charge $18,500 for a company to present for six minutes… gosh!).

I believe this might be the largest number of VCs/investors at a single Web 2.0 event ever. We’re getting a ton of VCs signing up… it’s going to amazing. I’m sure dozens of companies will get deals based on this event–that’s really exciting to me personally.

PRESS PEOPLE READ THIS: If you’re in the press and haven’t requested a ticket yet please get on that because we’re going to closing up registration soon. You have to be a “real” press person/blogger covering the event…. as in someone who covers technology on an ongoing basis (i.e. not someone who has started a blog to cover this event!). We only have a limited number of press/blogger tickets so we can’t get everyone in. We’re giving preference to folks who have a track record, are on assignment, have established blog that covers events, etc. If you’re in the press and you know me you should email me, if you know Mike you should email Mike.

Also, special thanks to our 10 partners who are helping us make this event possible… I love you all for helping us pull this off!!! 🙂

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