Sorry for the “spam”
{ wall of spam by freezelight }

We installed a groovy new “email your GMAIL/HOTMAIL/YAHOO Mail” address book application over at Mahalo today to help folks share/promote our new Mahalo Follow toolbar. So, I sent a note out to my address book like I’ve done a bunch of times before for StumbleUpon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc. However, got a half-dozen replies back (and the requisite Valleywag “Calacanis is a spammer” blog post) and wondered how did that happen? After trading email with my pal Nick Denton it seems that:

a) a large percentage of my friends have multiple emails and those emails are, in fact, in my address book


b) two of my co-workers who I share the same networks with sent out “try Mahalo Follow” emails the same way today.

So, if you got 2-10 emails from us today I’m really sorry…. we’re not in the spam business, we’re in the AVOID index spam business!

Anyway, good lesson… you can never be to conservative when it comes to sending folks emails promoting yourself.

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