Robert Scoble on Mahalo, TechMeme, Facebook, and SEO

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[ Note: I have a deeper post on this subject coming. Just getting back from camping in the Catskill Mountains . ]

Robert Scoble did a very interesting series of videos on why humans matter with regard to search. His videos has started an amazing discussion, and perhaps the most interesting part for me is watching the SEOs attack Robert. My pal Danny Sullivan got so upset he dropped the F-BOMB! Whoa…. and Danny is just an SEO sympthasizer. Clearl something is happening here (and you don’t know what it is… do you… Mr. Scoble).

Robert’s first post: Why Mahalo, TechMeme, and Facebook are going to kick Google’s butt in four years

Robert’s second post filled with links to all the folks who are attacking him:

Very interesting debate…. I’m going to jump in after I read everything.

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