Winer/Calacanis breakup responses…

Some of the reactions to the Dave Winer, Jason Calacanis breakup… (the days of our lives 🙂

The Technology Free Press:

  • Fellows, you’ve both vented. It’s time to move on to something else. And Jason, stop apologizing for your presentation. Almost every speaker gets heckled at one time or another. Often by someone who thinks he or she knows what’s right for everyone else. It’s just an annoying part of life.

Robert Seidman flips sides:

  • Dave Winer thinks he’s giving good counsel to Jason, and being a good friend. He’s full of crap and in this instance being a chucklehead. Not everything is a platform or needs to be. Mahalo isn’t. It’s a product/service. Dave’s biggest complaints seem to be that he doesn’t like that he can’t make money off Mahalo (oh boo hoo!) and that he doesn’t like Jason’s style of promotion.

    Guess what, it works, it may not work for me, and it may not work for you — but it most certainly works for Jason! That’s probably why Chris Pirillo invited him to Gnomedex!

    If Dave has a problem with people promoting commercial stuff at Gnomedex that Dave has no way to capitalize on, he should take that up with Chris P.

    Fortunately for Dave Winer, conferences are an open platform. He’s certainly welcome to host his own conference where the only presenters of commerical products/services are ones Winer can capitalize on. He can’t capitalize on Mahalo. BFD.


  • The Live Troll: Yes that’s right, a troll seen doing his trolling in the wild! RSS pioneer and “more disruptive than your drunk uncle” Dave Winer just couldn’t contain his Twits and no doubt future blog posts to himself. He heckled with taunts of “Spam!” from the back row, apparently upset by Jason Calacanis promoting Mahalo. This carried over into future presentations which I’m sure the already nervous presenters enjoyed.


  • All said, I’m not shocked that Dave was a jerk at the conference. Why he’s allowed to attend them any more is beyond me. There’s a positively enormous body of evidence that he’s an anti-social asshat who will ruin your conference if he’s not getting enough attention. I think it’s time for conference organizers to make a stand: don’t invite Dave, don’t allow him to attend, and when he pisses and moans on, point to all of the conferences at which he’s rudely interrupted speakers, and shouted them down, because they said something he didn’t like.


  • I remember the mess at one of the Bloggercons, where Winer wouldn’t let Bob Wyman, then of Pubsub, speak because Winer thought it was commercial speech, although Bob had only said a few words. He also browbeat the indominable Chris Nolan when she stated unequivocally — in a session on “Making Money With Blogs” — that yes, she did want to make money blogging, and not use blogging as a means to make money some other way. But he kept telling her “No, Chris, you don’t want to make money that way.” And she kept responding, “No, Dave, I do.” He just wouldn’t accept what she was saying. It went back and forth a half a dozen times, at least.

    He melted down again not long after at some blogging conference in Tennessee, I think, with Glenn Reynolds this time.

    He’s a loose cannon, held in high regard for his contributions, but a powder keg. I had an actual pain in my stomach when he showed up that this year’s Reboot, although he actually didn’t attack anyone in public.

    Winer has strong but totally misguided anti-commercial impulses, especially in conferences where many or all of the attendees are interested in commercial applications. Making money isn’t an intrinsic evil, and commercial speech is sometimes sensible and desired


  • That’s when Dave Winer yelled from the back row that Jason was “spamming” us by promoting his own project. [Jason’s response.]

    It’s unfortunate that this happened because both of these guys are really brilliant and bring a lot to this space. I admire them both for their intellect and their boldness. Both of them are doing their best to make the world a better and more interesting place. And yes, they’re both looking out for their own bottom lines, which is as it should be.

    Dave did have a point. Yes, Jason was promoting his latest venture from the stage. He was marketing. It’s true. He was acting in his own self-interest. But I don’t think he was spamming.


  • The thing that bothers me most about Dave Winer’s latest brain explosion, is not his outburst against a friend. It’s not his high-horse approach to yet another useful internet startup. It’s not even the condescending nature of his followup. No, it’s the wanton use of the term “Spam” to describe Jason’s presentation, and also the subsequent joking use of that term that Jason noted.

    “Spam” should be reserved for those things that really are unsolicited and commercial. Email Spam, search engine Spam, comment Spam. Jason Calacanis is fighting those things with Mahalo, and he should be praised highly for the attempt, regardless of what beef you have with it.

TechSpoofs (cute):

  • In what has to be the most substantive news of the day, Jason Calacanis is no longer invited on any more play dates with Davy Winer. Their families have been furious with each other since yesterday, when Davy called Jason’s newest toy “spam” and said he should take his ball and go home.


  • My take – the yelling made Gnomedex into inside baseball – there’s no value to one luminary yelling at another luminary, especially at the first second when Jason mentioned Mahalo. Yes, Jason was good at turning every question or comment into a chance to sell Mahalo, and yes, I would have rather seen more of a focus on the various approaches to Internet pollution, but mostly I was just disappointed with the childish behavior. The rest of us don’t need to be protected, thanks.

  • Jason regrouped like a pro, the audience called for him to continue, and he did so – albeit a bit shaken.

    In all honesty, Pirillo invited Calacanis to talk about what he was working on. And for the most part, had it been simply a shameless plug for Mahalo, I probably would have tuned in and out.

    But at the end of the day, getting “Winered” was the best thing that could have happened to Calacanis. It made the session a highlight of the day. It made people pay attention. And the bonus is that the conversation would get significant air time following the event.

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