Side-by-side comparission of Citizendium and Wikipedia

I think it’s time for someone to start comparing Citizendium articles to Wikipedia’s side-by-side… I’m very interested to see which ones are factually more accurate, better written, and most up-to-date. Also, most referenced I guess…

Here’s an interesting question: if citizendium’s page is, in fact, better… should Google rank citizendium over the more popular/trafficked/long-standing Wikipedia?

For example, which is better:

If CZ is better than WP on a qualitative basis–which Google is not going to be able to detect with machines–it certainly should get the top slot on the Northwest Passage SERP… however, Google ranks by inbound links, site longevity, etc. (all fine things to rank for), so it’s going to be biased against CZ for some time to come.

This is going to get very interesting over the next five years.

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