Looking for old-school DMOZ/ODP editors/community leaders…

We’ve had some great success working with old-school DMOZ/ODP editors at Mahalo. A lot of the questions and issues we’ve addressed we’re finding have been answered–or at least dealt with–by not only Wikipedia, but the DMOZ team. In fact, the more I dig the more I find that Wikipedia evolved out of the DMOZ/ODP…. very interesting.

Also, the more I dig the more I realize that the co-founder of Wikipedia–heck, the guy who put the Wiki in Wikipedia–Larry Sanger, has really tapped into the evolution of the wisdom of the crowds. [ Sidenote: Sad that certain interested parties can’t give the poor guy the credit he’s do as co-founder of Wikipedia… I mean, the guy came up with the idea for the wiki-based encyclopedia!!! ]

Any DMOZ/ODP folks out there who have thoughts on what we’re doing right and wrong over at Mahalo.com please drop me a line…. jason@calacanis dot com, jasoncalacanis on AIM/Skype. Put DMOZ in the subject line… who knows, we might have some work for you. 🙂

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