TechCrunch20 is gonna be big… very big. (or “enter the demo pit!”)

We’ve gotten a HUGE response for the TechCrunch20…. even more than we expected. Over 700 applications for 20 slots. Obviously there are more than 20 qualified companies so we’re looking for way to expand the event and be more inclusive.

I’m thinking that every VC in the internet space will have at least one person at the event–in many cases 2-3! So, this could be the largest gathering of capital + press + startups ever.

To deal with the overflow we’re doing two things I’m really proud of:

1. we’re giving the folks who applied but were not selected the ability to buy discounted tickets (you’ll get details via email if you were not accepted shortly). Basically this wipes out any profit we would have from selling those slots. However, when Mike and I discussed it we wanted this to be about the companies not the bottom line… so, we’re gonna take the hit.

2. We’re offering those companies that didn’t make it and who are coming to the event one of these cool looking tables to show off their stuff for one of the two days. We’re calling this our demo pit. This will allow us to have another ~80 or so companies present at the event (although not from the main stage). Note: you can’t get this deal if you didn’t already submit your company. This is for the folks who took the time to submit.

So, if you don’t wind up making it into the 20 there is a chance to–if you want–be at the event, demo your stuff, and network like a mad dog.

More details here…

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