Flying with Kids

Our third travel HowTo came out today: How to fly with kids. I have to say I’m getting really impressed with how detailed and well thought out these are. We are coupling these with the travel searches so if you search for something related to travel or kids, this kind of content will be available adjacent to it.

I’m looking to partner with some parenting and travel blogs–high quality ones–to syndicate these/share content. if you’re from a high-quality travel or parenting site ping me at jason at mahalo dot com.

If you want to bookmark any of these, or MOST importantly SHARE TIPS/COMMENTS, here are the links:

Thanks for the support everyone… these How To’s are really showing the power of the Mahalo brand. Folks get drawn in by the HowTo and they do a search or two and go “oh, I get it now.”

Note: This is my favorite time in the life of a startup. The time when folks come to you and say “at first I didn’t get it, but I just went back and…. well, I totally understand what you’re doing now. It’s brilliant! You have spam free, well organized results for the most difficult searches. So, if I’m traveling, looking for a product, or have a health issue I should come to Mahalo first right?”

… ahhhh…… startup life. Life is so frackin’ grand I can’t take it.

(yes, I’m not sick anymore!)

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