Why business plans mean nothing, and execution is everything.

Marc has another excellent blog post for startup companies on his blog this week. He talks about how where you start has little to do with where you finish as an entrepreneur, and once again I find myself nodding my head.

When Brian and I started Weblogs, Inc. we thought we were building a newsletter company to go after the B2B market. We thought people might pay to subscribe to our blogs, and we thought that splitting revenue was the model. We were wrong about the market (B2B vs. B2C) and we were wrong about the payment structure (revenue splitting vs. paying people up front).

What is of additional importance to Marc’s argument is that, as the leader of a startup, you have the flexibility and confidence to a) turn on a dime and b) say you made a mistake. I love saying I was wrong, because doing so means I’ve probably figured out how to be right.

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