Thanks for all the support…

Folks are sending in postcards (of the hanging): Get sick, get well style.

For the record being sick and blogging has upside… all this discussion I’ve learned:

1. I’m down to 185-187 on my fatblogging (for Meredith, of course)… thanks to not being able to eat solid food for three days. Not sustainable, but sure is nice to see 185 come up on a scale.

2. I’ve gotten 300 more requests to add on Facebook, and I’ve learned that making my Facebook private will only increase the number of people trying to add me (thanks for the Facebookbaiting tip Scoble). You can add me here:

3. Facebook’s UI is liar… I don’t believe it! Seriously, it said I had 150 friend requests. So I added 150 people and reloaded the page… I now have 150 friends requests. I think I might have like 1,000 backedup. The situation is much worse than I feared.

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