Turning comments off (or, “What comes after blogging?” [ or ‘I think I’m done. Yeah, I’m done’])

Inspired by Dave Winer I think I’m going to try the no comments route for a while.

I’ve always felt you can’t call yourself a blog without having comments, but I’ve found that the level of comments has gone down over the last couple of months. It’s to the point at which all I do is delete vile comments that are, well, dumb. (vile comments with some insights I tended to leave up, thinking that if I could get some free insights out of them those comments might be worth it).

However, I’m on the road so much now, and I’m so focused on what we’re doing at Mahalo that it’s just not fun anymore.

Perhaps Nick Denton’s invite only comments are the best solution for folks who want feedback, but who don’t want to deal with idiots.

At the end of the day this blog is a conversation between me and the people I care about. It a place to share ideas and discuss them. It just doesn’t feel like that any more. It feels like the comments are a place for the same five wacky folks to use sockpuppets to debate themselves and spew bile while linking back to their adsense honeypot.

I think I’m done.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m done.


Done…. like, it’s just not interesting to me any more done.

….. like it’s not interesting to go to that club you used to love once you’ve found the women you want to spend your life with… that kind of done.

….. like that third time you go back to a new cafe that everyone says is the best and the service still sucks…. that kind of done.

I’m just done.

I wish someone would make a new platform to end all platforms. One that could be invite only comments and one that helped me express myself better. Feels like the blog format is lost and adrift.

2 thoughts on “Turning comments off (or, “What comes after blogging?” [ or ‘I think I’m done. Yeah, I’m done’])

  1. Now I am a pure newbie in the most classical sense of the blog culture that is so quickly consuming my thoughts. But just the same I must confess that I think that your post here… is sad. It sounds like perhaps this “game”….this life…this brilliant playing field which has some how figured out how to reward the innovative thinker but yet never disrespects the power of a dollar. Out here is the one place where “you” “me” and the rest of “we” are all forced to share the same cup and taste the same blood.

    I am not sad cause you have burnt out…I could care less. I am so freakin, “lost my adsense acct” pissed, and twice as scared that one day it may be my turn.

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