Facebook Bankruptcy

Today I’m declaring Facebook Bankruptcy in addition to comment bankruptcy.

I can’t keep up with the friend requests, the requests to confirm how we know each other, the requests to tell you I like you, the requests to tell you I want your to tell me what movies you want to tell me about, etc.

I’ve got too many friends torturing me about movies I’ll never see at this point–I don’t need you to burden me with the movies you want me to see. I want to watch my Kurosawa DVDs again! I want to watch all the Frankenheimer movies I missed… even the bad ones!

Yes, I love Zombies, but no I don’t want to be turned into one.
Yes, I like fortune cookies, but no I don’t want a virtual one.
Yes, I’d love to play Texas Holdem for a couple of hours–but not online.

Frankly I think folks are getting splintered by these social networks. You spend so much time checking off what you’ll do that you never do anything. Why waste your time talking about movies you’re going to watch when you haven’t even seen the classics, the 20 you have in your Netflix queue, and DVDs you’ve already BOUGHT?!?

Also, I’ve got my own causes that I don’t have enough time for, so no, I really don’t need the guilt trip of telling you I don’t want to be in your group that’s going to stop the suffering of [INSERT THE NAME OF YET ANOTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO ARE SUFFERING TOO MUCH]. It’s brutal. No one human can solve the problems of all humans but based on social networking I’m going to be presented with just such a challenge. What?!?!?! You are not going to join my group to clean the water, support free culture, stop the killing of INSERTSPECIESHERE, etc.

Frankly, I don’t understand why all of these startups are spending all their time trying to build inside of Facebook’s walled garden…. well, I guess I do understand it: they like the quick hit of watching the apps #s run up. However, it makes no sense to me to build inside of someone else’s platform when you have the wide open internet out there to develop on. I guess if you look at Facebook applications as free marketing maybe. Feels like everyone who is doing this is the Web 2.0 version of old IPs (information partners) at AOL in the pre-web days…. except there is no $4.95 an hour fee to split with Facebook! Time and the open internet has told us that model isn’t sustainable. Closed gives to open…. eventually.

Frankly I don’t know enough about Facebook to make a decision just yet. I just find it crazy and the pace is so fast that very little of substance is being done.

Folks have just opted in to another out of control inbox…. I’m opting out.

Note: I’m not going to turn comments on…. so stop asking. If this is such an important post for your to comment on do it on your blog. If you don’t have a blog–which takes 10 minutes to setup–then maybe you’re not worthy of commenting, or others reading your comments. If you do have a blog and don’t want to take the time to fire off a blog post in response to this then, frankly, how valuable is your comment? The benchmark for responding to my blog is now starting your own blog and writing a post. If you do that I’ll consider linking to you if it is intelligent and interesting. Those are the new rules….

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