I think Valleywag is going to get sued by 365 Main…

My prediction: Valleywag is going to get sued this year, and I think 365 Main has an amazing case.

(Note: I have first hand knowledge and proof that Valleywag will print anything, but that’s a story for another day.)

Let’s look at the HUGE amount of damage Valleywag did to 365 Main, a co-location facility yesterday.

Valleywag claims that a drunk employee shut down the systems at 365 Main AT THE SAME TIME as a rolling blackout hit the area. I asked Owen Thomas how such a cooincedence could happen and this is the most he could muster:

imthevalleywag (10:41:22 AM):If you were someone set on mischief, what better time?
imthevalleywag (10:41:46 AM): Exactly when it would be hardest for 365 Main to recover
imthevalleywag (10:42:07 AM): All I’m saying, Jason, is I remain open to all possibilities

Uhhh… so, you’re basing your report–which has FOREVER damaged a serious business–on the fact that it is possible.

Step One: Print a lie.

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