How to book cheap flights — an amazingly detailed guide!

As a follow up to our “How to book a cheap hotel room” (which made it to the #1 slot on Delicious!) Mahalo’s Guru Nicole Gustas spent days putting together:

These How To’s are crafted for novices and experts alike–a very hard editorial task! You can send this to your mom if she’s not tech savvy and know that she’ll get a ton out of it, or if your mom is the tech savvy one in the family she can send it to your dad to catch up.

For experts like us, sure, we might know 50-70% of what’s in here (i.e. how to use Sidestep or Kayak), but even web experts will find nuggets of goodness that might save us a LOT of money and time.

A big mahalo to Nicole for creating such a helpful page!

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Note2: What How To would you like us to do next?

Note3: These are living documents and we plan on expanding them based on feedback.. if you’ve got tips please put them on the “How To book a cheap hotel” discussion page which is linked to in the right hand column on the page.

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