Michael Vick dogfighting video…

As I was looking at Mahalo’s log files I noticed some modest traffic coming in for “Michael Vick dogfighting video,” which we covered on Mahalo. I’ve heard of dog fighting, of course, but I’ve never seen videos of it. We we linked to a story that had a video of not only dogs ripping each other apart (not sure this is of his house where fights seems to have taken place) but the second video in the package was of Michael Vick himself blowing off the issue and talking about how everyone will always love him.

What a piece of garbage Michael Vick is. It’s clear this guy is guilty and that he doesn’t care.

If I was running the NFL I wouldn’t let him back on the field, and if I was an NFL player I would refuse to step on the field with this guy. I’m sorry, but I was taught there is a special place in hell for people who beat up and torture kids or animals, and I hope this guy finds his way there.

I’m disgusted.

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  1. i really admire the way my friend micheal vick trained his
    pits to survive in those horrifying dog fighting pits.i
    hope one day i would be able to train my dogs just like him.
    maybe he could give me some lessons some day when he comes
    out of jail.i can’t wait ’til that day.

  2. Michael vick should die a slow but very painfull death by torture, anyone who praises this man should be kaserated. to me anyone who does that to any dog or animal should be beaten and go through the same pain those dogs did. the poparatsey says he was just trying to make money… lies all lies. the greedy little basterd was already a multi million air if michael vick gets murdered i want to see it happen that is just discusting what he did. i hope he gets fucked in prison so hard maybe he would realize that he hurt those dogs 1000000 times worse and 1000000 over. no doubt he is a good athlete but a DICK LICKIN CUMGUZZLIN LITTLE BITCH WHO NEEDS TO GET A LIFE AND DIE. i was brought up to treat animals with respect obviously his little punk ass is a pervert and has a severe case of down syndrom the fucked up piece of shit if i ever se him i want to be the one who gets revenge for the poor dogs. i want to see the life leave his eyes, i will never regret it.( i was talking hypathetical about me killing him and so on) but i wish someone would so atleast he would suffer a little compared to those loving honoring, loyal compainons. mans best friend. Michael just burned that bridge… he needs to pay…BIG TIME1 and i hope he does 3 yrs in prison thats bs!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Iwant him on the football field iwant chopblock him pull his face mask ect.. I hope someone signs his sorry ass and when he limps to the side line like his dogs he gets no time out that would be fun to watch Have the lions or the 49ers or any one with a sorry offensive line protect him Iwant his ass out there its our only chance in life to see one of those basards get what they deserve that goes for his posse too

  4. Michael Vick in my eys is the best qb ever, he has speed,
    power, agility, and a heck of an arm. but he mad some
    stupid choices such as dog fighting im a big animal and
    football lover. Like i said before Michael Vickis my favorite
    qb, and just happends that pit bulls are my favorit dog.

    so i feel bad that hes standing behind bars instead of behind
    his center on the ball field, but putting an inocent animal
    through that i feel that he deserves to b where he is at.
    again my name is Hunter Owens and im 14 years old.

    and if
    Michael Vick sees this you r still my favorite football
    player and that will never change but i hope you now
    realise that what u did was wrong. and i hope they let you
    play football once again. i will keep protesting for them
    to get you out but i will also protest to save pit bulls.
    and just so michael vick knows i have adopted his top fighting
    pit bull daisey and she is now very loving and i very sweet
    dog.thank you very much for such a sweet and loving dog
    Michael Vick..

  5. Sorry excuse for a human being.Wonder what Obama would say about this one!They will rip him apart on the field,every dog has his day and his will come.Woe to the hypocrit that says he has one of his dogs,you are a big fat liar.You will be burning with him you dumbass.Bunch of morans with no value of life.Hey I know we can put the two of ya in a cage and put the top dog in with you.Sop when he gets ramed up the ass on the field everyone will Double cheer!These people are sucking up good air.

  6. I am a pitbull lover. I have over 5 pitbulls and I have my own kennel. Now this issue with Michael Vick has been blown “way” out of proportion! First of all, I wouldn’t fight dogs because that just isn’t my thing, but you have to remember that they are just animals! Yes, it is cruel. Yes it is wrong, but to have such anger against an individual just because he was caught in the act is ridiculous. There are thousands of dog fights that go on daily all around the world. It is an event that has been carried on throughout history back to the days of using pitbulls in bull arenas. How can you ridicule one person, when you have persons such as hunters who hunt for fun? Is there any animosity towards this group of individuals? Even meat producing factories waste 100 of pounds of meat during their daily operations. Yes, thsi may be used for food, but it is the same principle. These animals suffer!

    So to all those who have so much hatred towards Michael Vick, go get a life and mind your own business. Let him do him and you do you! Fon’t be mad at the man because he is a “celebrity!” He didn’t ask to be a role model; the public made him one because of his football skills. If you do not like him, then don’t watch him…simple! Worry about the thousands of innocents that have died in the war race for oil. There are more important issues than dogs! Thank you.

  7. You guys a absolutely hilarious. You see a vicious and evil nature in this where as I see reality. You tools do realize that dogs have only been domesticated for a few hundred years right? And that before that they we wild, feral animals. There’s nothing wrong here with what the dogs were doing. It was purely natural. What you are opposed to is that “sensitive, civilized and elightened” humans would willingly take part in an activity such as this. Well, just look back over the past 5,000 years of recorded human history and let me know when we were so sensitive, compassionate and enlightened.

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