How To Book a Cheap Hotel Room…

Our guide on how to book a cheap hotel room just hit the popular page over at Delicious. That’s excellent… a total first for Mahalo. I’m so excited! (yes, I’m a nerd).

Over 30 people have bookmarked it!

It’s not on digg yet, but I posted it to Netscape and Reddit. We’ll see if those communities like it. At this point I’m so hated over at digg that I don’t even bother submitting stuff… I guess I deserve it since I “stole” the idea for Netscape from Kevin Rose. 🙂

This How To is the product of probably 20 hours of discussion and debate at this point… I’m thinking it’s the best page of its kind on the Internet. The great part about that is version 1.0… it’s only going to get better!

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