This Week in Tech 105

Had a great time with Leo Laporte, David Spark, and Veronica Belmont on TWiT 105 yesterday…. great time.

Show notes below…

  • Veronica Belmont is going to begin hosting a show at Mahalo.
  • Leo is torn between Jaiku and Pownce.
  • July 15, 2007 is the day Internet radio is supposed to die. However, the Save Net Radio coalition has won a partial, albeit not very satisfying, reprieve.
  • Hype Machine pulls mp3s from blogs across the Internet. It will even create an RSS feed based on your searches.
  • Seeqpod will allow you to create/share playlists of music from across the Internet: much of it illegal. They have an iPhone portal as well.
  • A sigh of relief for movie rental companies: few people actually copying DVDs.
  • Podtropolis is a resource to get videos, illegal or not, preformatted for the iPod.
  • Engadget writer Peter Rojas’ new startup RCRD LBL is a record label to release free mp3s from artists backed by advertisers.
  • There is a new game called Rock Band that looks very promising.
  • Sony is suing the company that created the rootkit that was on their CDs.
  • After bringing down the price of the 60gb Playstation 3 to $499, it was soon discovered that it would be discontinued for the $600 80gb PS3.
  • Microsoft announced a Halo 3 special edition Xbox 360.
  • Nintendo announced a fitness game called Wii Fit.
  • A 75-year old has the fastest home broadband at 40gbps!
  • Google’s Eric Schmidt claims that Viacom is a company built on lawsuits.
  • WabiSabiLabi is an eBay-style site selling computer exploits.
  • Computer viruses have turned twenty-five years old.
  • It is also the tenth anniversary of the blog.

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