Looks like Wales v. Calacanis is… ON!!! (sort of)

I’ve tried to avoid getting into another “mini-mogul” battle this year, but it seems I’ve been dragged into it again.

Today Jimmy Wales took it to me on the Wikia mailing list calling me a spammer and I responded. Although Mahalo and Wikia are doing different things in search (we’re human search and they are doing open source search software)–and ironically will be partners on open source software–I fear the next three years will be “Mahalo v. Wikia” in the eyes of the press/public.


You can watch the drama on the Wikia list…. at the very least it will be entertaining: the monk from Florida vs. the kid from Brooklyn.

Seriously, I’ve got great respect for Jimmy and his work as co-founder of Wikipedia…. I’m looking forward to “evolving” the search space together.

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