How fast is your Mahalo?

I loaded firebug and I’ve been testing how fast Mahalo loads for the past month. My amazing tech team just got sprites working and our beautiful pages designed by Jon Hicks (with Sean Jackson) have now dropped down from 25 http requests/items to 10 thanks to this little bad boy:

The image

For none tech folks: we load one image–the one you see above–for all the artwork on a page and then crop it… this reduces the number of items loaded… *big* *time*. It’s like the number one design tip going around for faster sites. It works. Big. Time.

I’m seeing .5 to .8 second load times for SeRPs…. What are you guys seeing?!?!

If you could do 10 loads of the same page and tell me times for each of the 10 loads that would be great.

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