FooCamp: OpenSearch.

I’m in OpenSearch discussion with folks like:

Some Yahoo uses of

I’m trying to get my head around what is going on here. A9/Amazon started a search engine that had an open source protocol. The guys who built it are now at Google. The guy DeWitt says Larry Page doesn’t really support the project, which doesn’t makes sense since he and Udi are working at Google.

It’s interesting to hear a bunch of tech guys talk about what they want to build, but understand that there is a massive business battle going on between the search engines. So, there is this strange dance about putting out open API and open source software because it’s cool or you believe in it vs. giving away the business that makes you very wealthy.

Danny Sullivan makes a killer point of if I’m searching for census data from 1982 then I should be routed to another database–like the Census database search engine.

[ Larry Page just walked into the group of 12. ]

Danny says if you have one of these database specific searches you could hit the top 500-1000 databases. So, two ways to do it…. mashup across datasources or redirect you to the best one.

Dave McClure is saying Google/Yahoo should serve up SimplyHired for jobreviews… or Spock for people… and split revenue.

Larry says search is finding content… and that Wikipedia found a better way to organize information. he seems to like the model of using humans and process and machines.

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