Peter’s father.

Peter Rojas’ father passed away last week while I was in London. As many of you know Peter and I were partners in Weblogs, Inc. and Engadget. We worked together for years and did amazing work together. In that time I found Peter to be one of the hardest working, honest, and insightful people I’ve met in my life (and I’ve met a lot of people). It was obvious to me that he had amazing parents.

I met Peter’s father one time, at an Engadget reader meetup in San Francisco. Peter mentions the event in a heartfelt post about his father at Engadget. While Peter was hosting the event I was hanging out with his father Federico talking about photography with him. He was passionate about all he different lenses he had, explained to me how he shot flowers, and was giving an entire lesson on photography. It was just like talking to Peter: the same enthusiasm and willingness to explain details for as long as it takes.

Federico was beaming the whole night. He was smiling from ear-to-ear as only a father who realizes his son has achieved great success can. I asked him if he was proud of his son and I remember him holding out both his hands palms up gesturing to the crowd with a huge smile. He didn’t have to say anything–he was blown away.

He was so proud of his son.

My condolences Peter and his family. You’re in my thoughts.

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