CalacanisCast beta 29

Special guests: Andy Beard, Michael Grey, Brian Provost, and Allen Stern.

Hello everyone, Tyler here — back again with another exciting episode for your viewing and listening pleasure.

In this episode, Jason gets feedback on Mahalo from four formidable figures in the SEO industry; an industry that Mahalo aims to make irrelevant. Is reasoned debate possible in a roundtable with such polarized participants? Watch or listen to CalacanisCast 29 Beta to find out.

*Joining the Cast crew is Conrad Quilty-Harper, who you may recognize from his quality work at
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Show Notes
0:21 – London: NMK Forum, Mike Butcher, Mahalo Greenhouse
5:06 – First Impressions of Mahalo: human search vs. SEO, the shaka and warning symbols
13:12 – Dodge Viper
27:34 – Domains by proxy
32:57 – Squidoo and SEO
54:12 – Lets make a bet
60:01 – Wikipedia’s relationship with Mahalo

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