How Mahalo picks links to add–and ban–from the search index.

The Guides @ Mahalo have done a blog post on how they select which user-submitted sites to add and ban from the system. This is an imperfect process obviously, but it goes something like this:

  1. Is the link amazing? If yes, add it to the search result.
  2. Is the horrible or spam? If yes, delete it from the user-recommend list and consider banning it.
  3. Neither #1 or #2? Leave it in the user-recommend list and continue to collect feedback on it.

In this blog post they look at suggestions we received for iPhone (

We got a bunch of these spammers/SEOs sending in these scam free iPhone pages (see below), and we of course banned them.

The best part of the process is we are 100% transparent about it and are willing to discuss it. If the person with the site below is not a spammer they can make their case for it on the iPhone message board.

Is the process perfect? Nope.

Is the process better than SEOs gaming the system? Of course.

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