oh yeah, back to that whole fat blogging thing everyone is talking about. The trip to London i would say was my first major success in terms of balancing diet and travel. I bought a bunch of protein bars and walked for at least an hour a day. Came home as was the same weight as when I left, despite never having time to hit the gym. That was a big success… if I can just maintain on these crazy trips I’m up in my mind.

Back in Brentwood I got a pleasant surprise today… I’m at a record low of 188, and my energy is high. I was really inspired by Wil Harris’ weight loss. he told me in London that he was doing 1500 calories a day and 45 minutes of exercise–you can tell. He looks amazing compared to when I saw him six months ago.

I’ve been adding a lot more vegetables to my diet. Trying to make real effort to just order some steamed vegetables every single time I got to a restaurant. Even if I’m falling off the wagon and having a burger and fries, I just ordered the steamed veggies and at least I know I’ll have some before going down the dark road.

FakeCalacanis: What, no invite for JDAWG!?!?!?!? No fatblogging posts?!?!? Fatblogging is the easiest way to make fun of me… and you just let it sit there without a mention??!!? Seriously, you need to get some lessons from FakeSteveJobs… much better writer with better concepts. You’re no FakeSteveJobs…. ZING! POW!

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