Mahalo Greenhouse & London trip wrapup/update

Finally home in Brentwood.

It’s been a crazy week for me. I left NYC on Monday night, had a seven hour delay (3.5 on the runway!), got into London late, did back-to-back briefings, attending the GeekDinner, did pub interview with Shinny, gave the keynote at the NMK Forum and talked about the Internet’s environmental crisis, how bad SEOs are destroying our web, launched the Mahalo Greenhouse, did more press briefings including Channel 4, radio interview with BBC (listen), and Al Jezeria which Valleywag blasted me for (is it fair to equate Al Jezeria with Al Qaeda like Nick Denton does? Kind of racist right?).

Gave a little thought to the Al Jezeria interview and I couldn’t find any reason not to do it, and I thought it would be interesting to see what they were like. Plus, Tyler that segment on the Daily Show was a riot! 🙂

Did another pub interview on thursday night. Hung out at a basement club called Adam’s Street with Nick Denton’s old partners (fun guys).

We got a ton of insightful comments on the launch of greenhouse…. I just pulled the links from the Mahalo Press page here:

The most important thing is we’ve had well over 500 people apply to be part of the Greenhouse. We are crushed just getting through all the applications! We’re taking the folks who worked on DMOZ/ODP and Wikipedia first, plus looking for folks who are bloggers. We’ve accepted a half dozen folks already, and we added our first SeRP (search engine result page) from the Greenhouse into’s main search engine.

That SeRP was Tapatio Hot Sauce by Vika. Congrats Vika… here’s a flowerr for ya:

If you want to watch the Greenhouse grow check out these important pages:

  1. Recent changes:
  2. Part-time Guide progress:

I’m soooo tired right now, but I’m really thankful that Mike and the NMK team gave me the chance to visit London for the first time, and for the amazing reception the VC, entrepreneur, and blogging communities gave me while there. London reminded me a lot of New York–much more so than Los Angeles, and I really looking forward to going back. So far this year I’ve been to France, Spain, and the UK. Looking forward to visiting Germany shortly.

Mahalo for the time, Jason

Mahalo Press Coverage June 13, 2007

Mahalo Press Coverage June 14, 2007

Mahalo Press Coverage June 15, 2007

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