William Taylor, what ya got to say now dawg!?!?? :-)

This is funny. Was doing some research today and stumbled upon this book review by William Taylor, the Harvard Business School, Fast Company founder.

Here is what he said about me in his review of the New Yorker’s book “The New Gilded Age” back in 2000:

  • “It also profiles some of the oddball characters that only the Internet boom could have created. My favorite: Larissa MacFarquhar’s piece on Jason McCabe Calacanis, founder of the Silicon Alley Reporter, a young kid who seems willing to say and do anything for attention. (It is fitting testimony to the temporary insanity of the Internet age that Calacanis’s profile appears before those of Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, and Martha Stewart.)”

I remember reading this seven years ago and saying “that dude will eat his words some day.”

Frankly, as far as I’m concerned the order of the profiles was very forward looking 🙂

Gosh I love this game.

[ You can hire William to speak at your event here… he did a book with my pal Polly. ]

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