Mahalo Greenhouse Launches

Two weeks ago we launched the human-powered “search service” in alpha at the WSJ’s D conference in California. The tag line of Mahalo is “we’re here to help,” and after 15 days of tremendous feedback we’ve learned one thing: you want to help too!

We hear ya, we hear ya. We really, really, really hear ya!

Today I’m thrilled to announce the Mahalo Greenhouse, a place where the public can build search results that-if accepted by our Guides-will be included in the Mahalo search index.

Oh yeah, if we accept your search result we will pay you $10 to $15 per search result page (the range is based on how many search result pages you’ve completed: more here).

Now, if you’re a disciple of Yochai and you absolutely will not work on a web-based project for money, we’ve got an amazing proposition for you: make the web better by writing spam-free search results and we’ll donate your fees to the Wikimedia Foundation. So, you can make the world better 2x: first by making clean, spam- free search results and second by helping keep the Wikipedia running (those server bills ain’t cheap!).

We’ve earmarked up to $250,000 in donations to the Wikipedia this year.

Now, we can’t accept everyone all at once. We’re gonna start taking applications today and adding a handful of folks to the Greenhouse based on merit. What we’re looking for in part-time Guides:

  • a) a desire to help people–a lot!
  • b) the ability to surf the web :-)
  • c) previous work experience at DMOZ, Wikipedia, a well-known blog (i.e. Engadget, LifeHacker, etc), a social news site (Reddit, Netscape, or digg), or a social bookmarking site (delicious, stumbleupon).

Extra consideration will be giving to folks who have an online following on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, MySpace, a personal blog, or the like (i.e. folks who can help us spread the word).

Mahalo for your consideration and we look forward to working with you!

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