Landed in London–six hours late!

Two hour delay boarding, followed by over three hours on the runway at JFK, resulted in a longest flight of my life–longer than going to China! Anyway, I slept like a baby (thank you Ambien) the whole time and I’m at St Martins Lane hotel in London doing some meetings.

Going to the Geek Dinner tomorrow night and the NMK conference tomorrow. Will be here all day Thursday as well. Going to make a big announcement at the NMK conference tomorrow that should answer a lot of the Mahalo questions and feedback we’ve gotten at Facebook and LinkedIn.

John Battelle and I did an email interview you should all go check out… I wrote some really long answers to his questions and went into a lot of details since i know he has some of the most sophisticated readers in the search space. I also beat the crap out of Squidoo–which was hard to do since I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin, but it had to be done. Squidoo is a an SEO trap filled with more spam than Hawaiian fallout shelter.

Also, I love this blog post. Seems the reader doubted Mahalo, but when he got to check out our search result for Apple developer conference ( ) he figured out the power of Mahalo (and human search).

All the best and see you guys tonight at the Geek Dinner!

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