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  1. Tony is killed on the orders of Carmine Jr!

    The Series starts with the death of a NJ crime boss and ends with death the death of a NJ crime boss. In the first episode, the Boss dies. From then on every crime boss in NY or NJ dies, goes to prison, and/or goes insane. Why should Tony be the exception? Bobby said that when the end comes, it will just go dark just like it did in the final seconds of the finale. The final episode even started with a reminder of that.

    A major recurring them in the series is that the characters, with their mafia mentalities, are either going to get what they want or die trying. Their expressed desires are a consistent foreshadowing for the direction of the plot. Carmine Jr wanted to run the NY family as long as he wouldn’t have to be the main target in a war. Paulie wanted the NY/NJ disputes to end, to be more of a part of NY family, and in the end, didn’t want any major additional responsibilities. Butchie didn’t want to be a boss either. Tony wanted to be in charge, but live without conflict.

    When Carmine Jr sat down with Tony, it was easy to promise a truce. His life would no longer be at risk, members of the NY family would stop getting killed, law enforcement would be lighter, and both families could return to profitably. It was obvious to Carmine Jr that the fight was a personal fight between Tony and Phil and it was never going to end. Afterall, he was always the one put in the middle of it. A good plan would have been to let one of them kill the other and when the last man standing lets his guard down, kill him too. You have to remember that both men trusted him and that Tony did let his guard down once Phil was dead.

    With Tony and Phil gone, Butchie not wanting boss, and the only remaining NJ capo having already expressed his loyalties to NY, NY could have the whole Esplanade, give Paulie everything else of Tony’s and make the NJ family a NY crew so NJ kicked up to NY and NY never had to pay tribute to NJ. As Phil had expressed, “they’re just a glorified crew anyway”.

    The show’s main theme was Tony’s desire to run a crime family, but live like he has no real cares. It can’t be done and Tony knew it. He said as much to Jr, John, and Phil, the other fallen bosses. So, following the philosophy that you either get what you want or die trying, he had to die before the story could be complete. “Don’t Stop Dreaming about Tomorrow” was about how Tony knew that truth as well as Melfie did but would never come to terms with it. The writers knew that just like the real world, there will be people that want to continue to ignore all the clues in life and continue to believe that it’s possible to spend your life forcing your will on others and avoid a tragic end.

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