Share Mahalo…

A lot of folks have been telling me their emailing and IMing Mahalo links around the web–especially for things like travel and people like their parents (btw: your parents will love Mahalo).

A number of folks asked us why we didn’t have social sharing sites like delicious, reddit, Facebook, and Stumbleupon. We thought about that for a second and realized there was no reason why we didn’t have those services so we just added them under the “clean URLs.”

[ Sidenote: Clean URLs is our project to make the shortest possible URLs for folks who like to type in I’m one of these odd folks who likes to save a couple of keystrokes. ]

We didn’t add Netscape or digg because those sites specialize in news and we thought the communities there might not be interested in sharing curated search results. If we’re wrong I’m sure we’ll find out when people post our curated results to those services.

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