People are starting to submit their links to Mahalo!

That was quick… looks like folks figured out how to submit their links to Mahalo.

Two websites that reviewed the film KnockedUp have submitted links:

MoviesForGuys and SmartCine.

When you submit your link to a SERP (search engine result page) on Mahalo our Guides get an email. They then decide:

  1. Is this link spam or not relevant? If so, block the link from that SERP (and possibly from the entire site).
  2. Is this link absolutely amazing? If so, put it on the main SERP (i.e. move it from the recommend box on the right to the left hand main SERP).
  3. Is not #1 or #2–leave it in the recommend box and see if anyone else recommends it. If it gets more recommendation, or the person improves the link, then consider it for inclusion on the main SERP.

So, if you’re stuck in the recommend box that is not a bad thing–that’s like the people’s choice award to a certain extent (especially if multiple people submit your link–which we take into account).

As you can see, Mahalo isn’t just a search engine–we’re a search engine that listens. 🙂

Here are a ton of links for our iPhone page… the Twitter page has a bunch of links as well.

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