Have the people at ESPN.com have lost their minds or am I missing something here?!?!?

Wow… it seems based on my last post that ESPN is, in fact, blocking their content on certain ISPs who won’t PAY THEM!

This is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of. for a number of reasons:

1. Video-bast advertising inventory on the web is getting premium rates–ESPN could sell this to the cows come home. Why on earth would you want LESS inventory!??!?!? Maybe your sales team sucks?! If I was a sales person at ESPN.COM I would hit the roof on this one…. wow.

2. ISPs are looking to hit content owners with restrictions and charges for this kind of thing to force them to pay PLAYS RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS. You’re basically exploding the Net neutrality debate (more here).

3. You are pissing off customers like myself who a) are loyal to your site, b) get the videos at work and USED to get them at home for free. I’m so upset I’m thinking of switching to Fox or CBS for my sports news. Why punish me on when you can easily make money on this using the open Internet!??!?! Brutal.

How come this isn’t a major story?!?! I don’t get it… was it a major story and i just missed it?

Today was the first time I got this message.


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