Shoulder pain…

Last couple of weeks I’ve had some pain in my shoulder. I think it started after I got my medicine balls–perhaps I overdid it for a couple of workouts.

Today I start doing some research on shoulder pain and came across this wikipedia page which was really comprehensive. I thought, dang… who the heck is writing this page. This feels too good to be in Wikipedia frankly.

So, I clicked on the discussion pages and the history and found out that the page had a very small number of edits for the first three years (2003-2005), and less than 100 edits overall. This article cold not have a been created with that small a number of edits.

Then I looked at the first edit and it seems the person cut and pasted this NIH article to make the Wikipedia article…

Someone questioned if this was really public domain on the talk page, but doesn’t seem like they resolved the issue.


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