7:29 mile… 190 pounds

As I mentioned the other day I’m trying to get down to a six minute mile this year. Today I took my second shot at the mile, after having done an eight minute mile the other day. Today I did it in 7:29, but I was in a LOT of pain. The last two minutes I was dying and when I stopped I felt light headed and ready to puke my brains out.

So, I think I’m figured out my current limit. I can do eight minutes with pain, 7:30 to the point of collapsing. I’m gonna put 7:30/8 as mu starting range and see what I can do from here.

We have one of those elliptical trainers being delivered this weekend–that should help with the cross training. One thing I’ve found is that I’m working out 2-3x a much now that I have a home gym. I put a computer, DirectTV, iPod and speakers in the room so far and that is REALLY helping. Now if I want to watch the NBA I do it while walking for an hour on the treadmill. I think the more entertainment options and convenience you give yourself the better your chances. I should have gotten a treadmill at my loft in NY ten years ago–I would have never gotten to this point.

Live and learn I guess.

How my other fatbloggers doing today?

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