Begging for Verizon Fios — I want it. Joseph Ambeault, Joe Savage… call me now!

Someone from Verizon hear my call. I need fiber to my home (Brentwood 90049) and office (Santa Monica 90401). I’m willing to pay whatever it takes… I need the fiber goodness. I need 30mbits down and 10 up. Please. I beg of you Verizon.

Please… come to Jason. Give Jason the fiber… Jason will reward you. Jason will blog/twitter/podcast for you–daily. For the love of God please get me off cable and put me on Fiber.

Call me now: 310 456 4900

Please Verizon, hear my prayer.

3 thoughts on “Begging for Verizon Fios — I want it. Joseph Ambeault, Joe Savage… call me now!

  1. I hear ya Jason – me too! I live on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica – the ENTIRE
    neighborhood on the North Side of Montana has has FIOS for OVER A YEAR where-
    as we on the South Side have yet to get so much as an estimated delivery date.
    Meanwhile – a friend in West Hollywood just informed me Verizon is now offering
    FIOS in his neighborhood. One would think the least Verizon could do is give us
    some sort of idea as to when FIOS will be available. After all – Santa Monica and
    Brentwood are both populated with huge numbers of tech savvy internet users –
    not to mention many post production houses for Hollywood – all of whom would be
    extremely likely full time high end subscribers! WTF Verizon?

  2. I feel your pain (live/work in 90049). This is a publicly regulated utility. Why can’t the customer be given a timetable? When we did a cable franchise (back in the 70’s) we had to guarantee so many homes passed and also schedule dates of completion. Why is our infrastructure so sub par. Does anyone out there remember when the US phone service was far and away the most modern and the best and other countries phone service was laughable.

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