MacBook not bright enough

macbook screen

I’m enjoying my black MacBook for the past couple of months, but I have to say the screen isn’t as good as my tiny Sony microlaptop. For one, the MacBook’s glossy screen reflects so much that I see myself more than this blog post when I’m sitting in the backyard (like I am right now).

Second, the screen looks like it is on low brightness when outside even when I have it on the highest setting. Finally, I hate the fact that this thing does not have a standard PCMCIA slot.

Other than that this is a great laptop and I would recommend it. I’ve been hearing rumors of the a microlaptop from Mac and I think when that comes out I’m going to snap it up. I’ve found that with the amount of traveling I do the MacBook is too heavy–I always take my Sony instead. I just like the idea of not breaking my back when running through airports and walking from 57th street to City Hall in NYC.

Steve Jobs, hear my prayer. 🙂

Note: I wish I had read this months ago.

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