TechCrunch20 Update: Google & Yahoo join the team!

We’ve added two more judges to the panel of experts at the TechCrunch20 conference.

Marissa and Brad are two of strongest minds in the products space, and Google and Yahoo are obviously the two strongest brands in the Internet space–I’m just blown away that they are joining us.

So, here is where we are at with the conference:

  1. We’ve established a panel of experts that I think is the best ever assembled.
  2. We’ve got a date (September 17th and 18th), location (The Palace Hotel in San Francisco), and a website/blog (
  3. We’ve got two amazing supporting sponsors in Sequoia and Mayfield–and some really amazing ones coming online (if you’re interested ping me at jason at calacanis dot com).
  4. We’ve got a format: 20 company presentations with feedback from the expert judges, as well as some panels.
  5. People are discussing the panels here.

Things we are going to get done over the next couple of weeks:

  1. We need to invite the best bloggers, press, and vloggers to cover the companies at the event. If you’re a press person and want to come you should visit the press page: If you know me personally feel free to email me and I will setup a ticket for you directly.
  2. We need to select the 20 presenting companies. These can be startups that are stealth, it can be startups that are public but are coming out with a new, kick-ass version (think digg ver. 17, Twitter v. 2.0, etc), or even a new product from a huge company like AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, or Newscorp/MySpace. The key is that you show the product FOR THE FIRST TIME on the TechCrunch20 stage. Company presentations will be kept private under NDA until the event. If for someone reason you don’t want me to know about it you can pitch Mike Arrington directly and I will stay out of it (I trust his judgement on these issues). If you are in Los Angeles and want to come by ProjectX and show me your project in person I’m open to that… jason at calacanis dot com. I really hope that we get some project out of left field–stuff that has never been seen before from outside the US market or from inside a school–or a basement, pool house, or garage.
  3. We need a handful of media sponsors. If you’re interested in that ping me…. basically you give us promotion we give you promotion.

the event is really coming together quickly and if you want to get involved let me know…

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