TechCrunch20 Link Baiting strategy… if there was (is?) one.

I’ve started getting emails from folks who are bloggers (some of note, some not) about press/blogger tickets for the TechCrunch20 event on September 17th and 18th in San Francisco at The Palace Hotel.

Now, I would never encourage link baiting, however, here are some strategic ideas for folks who want to get one of handful of blogger tickets (note: if you’re a VC who blogs, a PR person from a large company who blogs, etc. then don’t ask for a free ticket…buy a ticket and support the event! You can afford it!).

  1. Suggest topics for discussion and companies who should present at the event on your blog.
  2. Continue the discussion on other people’s blogs when they make suggestions for topics, companies, and experts by posting comments on their blog and/or on your blog.
  3. React to posts by Mike on CrunchNotes/TechCrunch or here on
  4. Plan a MeetUp pre- or post- TechCrunch20 (as in the day before or after–but obviously not during the 48 hours of the TechCrunch20–that would be bad form).
  5. Tell startup companies who you know are doing cool things that they should try out for the FREE presentation slots at TechCrunch20.
  6. Tell me, Mike, and Heather about cool stealth startups you know are launching between July and November of this year.

There you have it folks…. how you could link-bait your way into one of the blogger tickets. That is, if linkbaiting worked…. which I’m not saying it does. Or doesn’t. Did I miss anything up there? Oh yeah, mention how smart Mike Arrington is, quote him from an old Gillmor Gang with a reference to the name of the episode, and link to a photo of me when I was thin. 😉

Anyway, I’m not blogging for the next two months…. except when I have something to say.

(Office is dead, long live Microsoft, search is the new OS, Apple is the new search, ! R.I.P. Steve Gillmor and the Gillmor/Brian Alvey Gang)

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