I would pay for Twitter.com

At this point I’m offering $100 a year for a premium account on Twitter. By premium I mean a dedicated server that is independent of the free cluster of servers, and that has an SLA of 99.99999% or something to that effect. Also, I’d pay for more features and better speed.

Ev/Biz: If you get this please consider putting up a server for your top users that are willing to pay $100 a year. When you get 100 to 500 of these $100 users why not pull the trigger? Then we can get to the service when the kitty cat is working on the free ones. 🙂

Seriously, I’m in your corner… but the down time is really impacting my ability to get my job done!

[ Note: Twitter is a mobile/simple blogging service that I use in addition to my blog at http://www.calacanis.com. You can see my latest blog in the orange box to the right on this blog. ]

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