192 – Fatbloggers where are you!?!?!?

I’m back after three weeks on the road and I’m +2 pounds… ugh. I need to get focused and starting hitting the gym hard.

It could have been a worse I guess… frankly I was wondering if all the food in Europe and the hotels in NYC would have put me at 195 or 200, but it seems my good eating habits and walking have made up for the travel challenges.
I did a nice HIIT training session yesterday and I’m gonna do one again today.

I’m thinking about getting a trainer once a week–just to add some focus to the workouts. also, i’m gonna bite the bullet and buy an elliptical trainer I think. I’m finding that after hard treadmill workouts I need something soft.

Oh yeah, DirecTV coming to the home gym next week… that will help as well. Right now I have iPod and Sirius in the gym. I find the more data/information/bits I have in there the gym the more I go. 🙂

How are my other fatbloggers(tm) doing!?!

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