New Calacanis link-baiting rules

I’ve developed some deep relationships over the past couple of years blogging and I realize that those relationships manifest themselves in the links I find when I do my 28x a daily ego search over at Technorati. The quickest way to develop a relationship with me isn’t to twitter me, call me, email me, or skype me. Heck, even posting a comment here–the second best way to develop a relationship with me–is weak when compared to the power of the link.

If someone writes anything about me or links to this blog I find out about it instantly with my various RSS alerts, Technorati, Google blog search, Bloglines, etc.

Some folks have figured this out and they get on my radar by writing a critical piece. That’s a savvy move–to a point. I’d like to outline the best way to link bait a person like me:

a) write a blog post where the first paragraph is dedicated to a short bio of me. Most folks like to do this by saying “love him or hate him…” or “controversial blog boss.” That’s fine, just keep it short and score yourself bonus points by mentioning two or three of the following less mentioned facts: former Editor of Silicon Alley Reporter, “once profiled in New Yorker piece…,” former GM of Netscape, Brooklyn born, or “his trusty bulldog Toro by his side.” Those kind of obscure reference make me think that we have a deeper relationship and I’m more prone to comment and link to you.

b) DON’T start the post off flaming me. Start the post off by praising me, talking about how great Engadget or Netscape are, that you love my podcast, or that you thought I was a riot at some panel (you don’t even need to have been at the panel.. just technorati my name and “speaking at” and you can fake it). This kind of praise at the start of the post will draw me in. If you slam me right off the bat I’ll probably go into scan mode and just close the window in five seconds.

c) DO mention older posts I’ve done that you loved. A link to some piece from two years ago will spark my memory and make me think “oh, this is an old time reader!”

d) DO slam someone I don’t like or have had a beef with. This is a long list, but getting on my side will keep me reading your post and increase my chances of taking your link bait. So, “I agree 100% regarding his stance on payperpost” with a link to some post I did a year ago.

e) DO pick you favorite quote from one of my podcasts, or something I said on another persons blog. You don’t have to be blunt about this… say it in a slick way like “REmember what Jason says ‘no one likes to be deceived.. do you?’ ” That kind of stuff makes me link every time.

f) post a picture of me when I wasn’t fat. I’m not gonna link to some post where I look fat… come on. Use an old photo of me from like 2000 and you’re getting the link for sure!

g) DO lie and say we hung out one night back in the Silicon Alley days or after a conference and that I’m actually a really cool guy once you get to know me. Say that although I come off brash in my blog posts I’m really very engaging and fun to hang out with (most folks come to this conclusion–so I will fall for it).

h) If you are going to flame me do it in paragraph five but add something like “well, what the heck do I know anyway, but I think Jason might be wrong.” That kind of engaging stuff bring me in with the soft gloves on and I will gently try and convince you of my position–and give you a link!

i) do link to a Flickr photo of mine, a digg storyt about me, my linked in account, my myspace page, or my twitter page. This kind of full-court link press will get me excited and I will give you a link because I think “oh snap, this person reads my twitter and posted a comment over at Gosh, I gotta give them a link back and join their discussion!”

If you follow this “Calacanis Link Bait” strategies I will link to you. If you just come out and beat me up I probably won’t… so, there you have it “how to get a link from Calacanis.”

[ BAD SEO PEOPLE: fire away! ]

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