Most press I ever got for not doing an interview…

This whole WIRED vs. Calacanis/Winer stand off has really developed into a very interesting debate on the future of news. It’s a discussion that, as Dave Winer said, is long over due and that we’ve been doing for long.

Jeff Jarvis does his standard 1,000+ word analysis of the events and what they mean–and he nails it. Dave Winer adds to the piece.

Journalism is about the search for truth, and much of live interviews is about “gotcha” journalism. Now, I’m not saying Fred is a gotcha journalist, but let’s face it, journalists are known for creating drama with quotes in order to build interest in their stories.

That drama creation has a real world effect on people and their relationships. My goal is to avoid the drama and get represented accurately–ok, well, maybe just the second part. 🙂

What this is really all about at the end of the day is that WIRED the print magazine–like other magazines and newspapers–are lost and adrift because they can’t break stories any more. WIRED is six weeks old when you open it, hundreds of people read my blog posts minutes after they come out. It’s impossible for print publications to have a “breaking news” role anymore, and they are certainly not going to be able to keep stories under wraps for six weeks when 90% of their subjects have blogs that are starved for content.

Media is becoming two way, and print media can’t keep up in a two way world.

I think that people may have underestimated exactly how dead print is as a NEWS carrier–and why.

Print is dead in the news role because it can’t keep up with the conversation–not because people don’t like print per say. For example, if Fred had his print story out within 12 hours of my discussions with him then he would at least be in the conversation–but weeks!??!! Come on!

Now, print magazines are going to stick around because they do analysis well, feature stories, profiles, and most of all fancy pictures that stroke people’s ego and sexy advertisements that make people with sexy product feel sexy about themselves.

I left print for a reason–it’s a dog, and an old one at that.* **

* Yes, I know print advertising is up year over year, and that WIRED is fat again and profitable (from what I hear). That’s great, but as a NEWS product print pubs are screwed. I think Chris Anderson has done an excellent job of making WIRED relevant for the things print can do: features, pictures, interviews, big thought pieces, etc.

** I love magazines. I love everything about them from the paper to design to the teamwork that goes into building them. However, as someone who’s worked in blogs, print, and email newsletters I can tell you that print is dog when it comes to breaking news… perhaps even just “news.”

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