I haven’t been fatblogging for a while now because I’m on the road and the three hotels I’ve been in don’t have a scale (yes, I’m staying at cheaper hotels–you guessed right).

In Spain I ate healthy, in France I went bread crazy, and now that I’m back in the US I’m getting focused again. Just got back from the gym at the W and burned some calories. Promise once I’m back home with the family I’ll jump on that scale and let you know how did! (I’m guess flat)

One thing I have been doing is walking a ton… in Spain, in France, and now in NYC. I also brought this low sugar protein bars and fiber bars with me on the trip and when I was stuck facing the room service menu I would pull one from my back pack and pair it with one of the apples I had laying around–voila, I’m less fat!

How is everyone else doing?!

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