Gadling’s 10,000th post

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Since we are praising the team at AOL and Weblogs, Inc. today I have to mention that Gadling–one of my personal favorites–broke 10,000 posts.


I remember talking with Erik Olsen a couple of years ago about he concept at Pastis in NYC and now… well…. wow.

Congrats guys!

Note: Gadling has what I would call “light integration” with AOL and it’s a million a month. Very respectable for a blog, but I think it’s time for AOL+Weblogs, Inc. to join forces and make Gadling into a machine—10M pages a month!!!!

Seriously, the mantra at AOL+Weblogs,Inc. need to move to 10M a month from the 1M a month mantra I set when I was running the joint. It’s time to think even bigger. Autoblog, Joystiq, and Engadget are well over 10M pages a month–it’s time to take the rest of the crew to the promised land!

You guys can do it!

Gadling’s traffic: not to shabby, but let’s march to 10M!

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