Blogger code of conduct

I’d love to comment about the blogger code of conduct, but I’m afraid it’s designed in part to shut people like me up. 🙂

@@#$@#$%#$% the @#$%@#$%#$ code of @#$%#$% conduct!!!!

The whole point of blogging is that it is free form, take no prisoners, and NOT constrained. Does that mean people should attack people and their ideas? Well, ummm…. if the idea is going to war under false pretense…ummm… YES!!! If the idea is to do covert marketing like PayPerPost… ummm… yeah!!! Blogs are about fighting for what you believe in!! That’s the point.

Tim is a laid back dude, and that style works well for him… great. Good for Tim. However, some of us like to mix it up and debate in a bare-fisted style. That type of debate might not be for everyone, but boy does it lead to great debates and good times.

Note: I don’t think people should make *personal* attacks or threaten people–but that’s illegal already so we don’t need a code of conduct for that.

Brad Hill has some more intelligent things to say. (umm… when did Brad get a blog!??!?!)

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