EyeTracking & EyeTracker hardware/software

Is anyone an expert on EyeTracking/Eyetracker hardware and software out there? I’d like to run some tests here in Los Angeles and I’m looking for someone who has some time, experience, and even the hardware.


  • What’s the best Eyetracking hardware?
  • What’s the best Eyetracking software?
  • What’s the best Eyetracking firm?
  • I think we need to do a CalacanisCast on Eyetracking…. who should we have as guests?

More on EyeTracking:

2 thoughts on “EyeTracking & EyeTracker hardware/software

  1. Just started working with Poynter full time, but I did work on
    the EyeTrack07 project. Hooked up a new log analyzer, and noticed
    we’re still getting traffic from this page. Awesome.

    Did you do anything with eye tracking in the last couple years?
    Happy to answer any questions I can. My dissertation involved
    eye tracking.

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